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Yin-Yang Balance (evening)

Zhao TCM Yin-Yang Formula

(Please be advised that the Yin-Yang Formula consists of a Yang [morning] formula and a Yin [evening] formula.  For best results these should be used in combination).

Yin-Yang Balance - EveningSince its inception some 5000 years ago, the main goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] has been to help one regain and maintain balance in the body and mind thus ensuring the health and longevity of the individual.

Symptoms of sickness are often the result of an unbalanced energy flow, a hormonal imbalance or a poorly functioning immune system. Disease and disharmony in the body are caused by imbalance and every effort should be made to return the body to balance.

Unlike western medicine mostly intent on treating symptoms, Traditional Chinese Medicine treats the whole body with the intent of regaining balance, harmony and health in the entire organism. The ideal TCM approach uses both.

Acupuncture treatments acting synergistically with Herbal medicine to return a person to health.
Ying-Yang Balance capsules are a proprietary herbal formula based on almost 30 years of Dr. William Zhao’s academic study, clinical research and experience. The combination of powerful and proven herbs help balance the Yin-Yang energy in the body and bring a revitalized balance to your immune system.

The Herbs used in The Zhao TCM Yin-Yang formula capsules are extracted from 100% natural Chinese Medical Herbs in a patented process. As the Yin-Yang Herbal Formula balances the body, it nourishes and strengthens the immune system and helps to balance your hormonal and autonomic nervous systems, helping you to increase energy levels, fight fatigue and relax the body and mind for a sound and restful sleep. 

Proven over the years, the Yin - Yang Herbal Formula is safe and effective and supports your body systems in fighting disease. A strengthened immune system will help your body prevent and treat viruses, flu, fatigue insomnia, depression, and cancer while benefiting your internal organs and overall well-being. 

And, the Zhao TCM Yin-Yang Herbal Formula has absolutely no side effects!

Hundreds of users over the years will attest to the effectiveness and benefit of using the Yin-Yang Balance Formula.

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PRICE: $50.00 per 100 Capsules

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Product Information

Medicinal Ingredients

The capsules contain 100% Pure Chinese medical Herbs and Extracts and comply fully with Health Canada Regulations.

Cordyceps Sinensis
Reishi Mushrooms

Yin Yang Balance™ capsules are gluten free and have a shelf life of 3 years if properly stored in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Recommended Use or Purpose

Insomnia, poor sleep
Depression, anxiety
Fatigue, malaise
Chronically cold, chilled
High blood sugar levels
Weight gain, bloating
Susceptibility to flu, infections, allergies


Cordyceps Sinensis and Resishi mushroom (the main ingredients of Yin-Yang Balance (am) help greatly in tonifying the Lung Qi which can:

Restore balance to overactive or underperforming immune systems,

Moderate hormone fluctuations,

Support the body's natural defence system

Nourishes Yin and Yang energy.

Also has analgesic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.

Recommended Dose

4 to 6 capsules of Yin-Yang Balance (am) each morning on an empty stomach for your Yang energy. Drinking more water will also help enhance the effects.

4 to 6 capsules of Yin-Yang Balance (pm) before your evening meal. It is also recommended to take Vitamin C and complex B supplements to nourish your nervous system.

Cautions and Warnings

Discontinue use and consult a health care practitioner if vertigo, dry mouth, nausea, epistaxis, constipation, diarrhea or an allergic reaction are experienced. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.


"The result of Dr. William Zhao's Natural herbs: Fibroids, Yin & Yang"

Result of Fibroids, Yin & Yang
... Tracy D., Calgary, AB (2013)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


"I have noticed a significant improvement in my energy level and an overall feeling of great health"
I first fell ill in December 2010 and lost about 45 Ibs within the space of 1 to 3 months. My experience throughout this time was that of frequent urination accompanied with acute thirst and an insatiable desire for sugary products. This continued to grow worse until I was taken down with a serious ear infection in May 2011 and couldn't sleep for over a month. I was taken to emergency with the initial reading of my blood glucose level being 26.5 and diagnosed and treated for diabetes.

I was discharged when the glucose level was under control and placed on Metformin but with no significant improvement once I was home. I fell ill again in February 2012 this time with pneumonia and Type 1 diabetes was confirmed. I started off with my glucose level being controlled using insulin and on a strict diet plan. My doctors advised that my pancreas is no longer working and will have to be on insulin for the rest of my life. However, for the past 2 to 3 months, I observed that I was no longer responding to insulin with my fasting blood glucose level rising to 15.7. I decided to double the insulin shots but it was only on the rise recording over 20.0 during the day after meals.

It was at this time that my wife accidentally came across Dr. Zhao's website and we decided to give it a try. On my first visit I received acupuncture treatment and was given some pills which included the Ying-Yang Balance and Pancreas Nourishment. After a week I noticed that my fasting blood glucose level was recording between 9 and 10. The results have been remarkable after 4 weeks of treatment with my fasting blood glucose level only at between 5.5 - 6.5. With these levels I have since noticed a significant improvement in my energy level and an overall feeling of great health. Thank you Dr. Zhao!
... R. T., Calgary, AB (2012)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


" I am now stronger and able to live a normal life"
I consulted Dr. Zhao in August 2011 because my immune system was compromised by chemotherapy received for CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). I was frequently ill due to viral inflammations which often caused hospitalization. My oncologist had tried everything available to him and I also tried naturopathic remedies. Dr. Zhao’s treatment of acupuncture and Chinese supplements made a difference to my health and I am now stronger and able to live a normal life.
... T. E., Calgary, AB (2012)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


“I am now pain free!"
I want to say Thank You and express my appreciation for the help you have given for my arthritis. My fingers started disfiguring, crippling, and swelling. I could no longer wear my rings, I could not close two of my fingers more than 50% and was unable to sleep at night due to the excruciating pain. My knees started giving me problems next. I went to medical doctors for help. I was given pills which did not my hands, fingers, knees, nor did they take the pain away.

After much frustration and research I was fortunate to find Dr. William Zhao who gave me acupuncture treatments and Chinese Medicine (Ying and Yang). I could see the difference in my crippling hands and knees after a few treatments. The pain was going away and I could sleep at night. Dr. Zhao gave me my life back.

I am now pain free, my hands are back to normal with no swelling or crippling and I have full use of all of my fingers. My knees are also back to normal and I can once again walk with no pain. I am getting full nights of sleep. I only go for maintenance treatments once a month now. I would highly recommend Dr. William Zhao, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to anyone who suffers from arthritis.
... B. P., Calgary, AB (2011)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


"We got pregnant right away!"

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a little over eight months. We had conceived right away at the beginning but lost the baby in the first ten weeks. I knew that things were a little off before that because I had started spotting before my periods, which had never happened before, and I put it down to me getting older (38). But when we miscarried I did some research into it, and had come to the conclusion that my hormones were out of balance, specifically that I was low in Progesterone.

My husband and I decided that we would try the natural route first and since I had heard of success stories with acupuncture it seemed like a good choice. We chose Dr. Zhao because of his many years of experience, and were pleasantly surprised with his work ethic. Here was a doctor who sat and listened to our story and medical history without ever seeming to rush us out the door, he was kind and gentle, and was extremely confident he could help. He took me into to my first treatment that day and I saw him twice a week for a month and a half (12 sessions).

I looked forward to those sessions every week, they were so relaxing and if I came in with a headache or was particularly stressed Dr. Zhao would treat me for that as well. He put me on the Yin/Yang herbal supplements which were awesome, my energy returned immediately and I had the best night sleeps I had ever had since my teenager was born. The end result is that I felt fantastic (I also lost 10 pounds) and we got pregnant right away, even before I had completed all 12 sessions! I would highly recommend Dr. Zhao to anyone looking for a more natural way to manage their health. I know that I plan to keep going for the first trimester to help maintain the pregnancy and my husband is going to go for some back pain he’s been having. We can’t recommend him highly enough!
Thank you Dr. Zhao!
... Nicole, Calgary, AB (2011)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


"I actually have energy!"
Some friends had recommended I see Dr. Zhao in 2009 when I hurt my shoulder and had debilitating pain. I went for 12 treatments: It took the first six treatments to make a difference, but each treatment after that resulted in incredible progress each time and the pain was gone by the 12th visit. In fact, I wasn't sure I even needed the 12th visit.

So I knew to go back when my shoulder started to hurt again in May. I also had a few other problems for him to work on while I was there this time: migraines and headaches (I pretty much had one or the other every day at that point), sinuses (living on decongestants because they were always blocked and waking up during the night because I couldn't breathe through my nose), high blood sugar (I was almost diabetic), zero energy, numbness in my thumbs (probably because of the blood sugar), and needed to lose some weight to help reduce the blood sugar.
Dr. Zhao had me take his herbal medications for blood sugar, metabolism and Yin/Yang for energy, ordered me to eat "NO SUGAR!", and focus on eating more vegetables, eating a light meal n the evening (salad) and at time eat no meat or chicken. Plus, of course, I had acupuncture treatments for migraines and headaches, sinuses, neck and shoulder pain, and blood sugar. It's amazing the difference between when I started in May and now (in November):

• I actually have energy! I had none before - even the smallest tasks seem to be overwhelming.
• I was exhausted every day - it didn't matter how much sleep I had, it didn't help.
• The numbness in my thumbs is gone (and yes, for those who are wondering, those needles in the thumb did sting a bit going in!)
• My shoulder is doing well again.
• My migraines and headaches are severely reduced - I no longer have some type of headache every day which is amazing. In fact, I don't have a lot of headaches now, just the odd one and sometimes it will just go away on its own after a couple of hours. I haven't had what could be called a true migraine in weeks.
• I don't wake up during the night because I'm not breathing properly. (Now it's only if my bladder wakes me up!) I used to wake up at least once, sometimes two, three or more times, because my sinuses were so blocked, I couldn't breathe. I would have to spend anywhere from a few minutes to an hour getting them drained so I could breathe again and go back to bed to try to get some sleep.
• I don't have the food cravings that I used to have. I can actually say no now quite easily to those sugar treats, which is pretty darn amazing.
• I've lost about 27 pounds so far. I'm almost done my treatments, but I hope to lose a few more pounds even after the treatments end.
• At my last blood test in September, my blood sugar was normal for the first time in a long time, probably a couple of years. I had told my family doctor in May that I was trying acupuncture and had taken myself off the prescription diabetes medication. He's been extremely pleased with my progress and in September, after reviewing my blood test results, told me to keep doing my acupuncture treatments!

I've been recommending Dr. Zhao to a lot of people ever since I first went in 2009. For anyone who hasn't tried acupuncture for their particular ailment, they really should investigate it. It's amazing what a knowledgeable acupuncturist can do to help you.
... Nancy C., Calgary, AB (2011)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


"Yin/Yang supplements have helped me"
I just wanted to let you know how much your Yin/Yang supplements have helped me. I sleep better at night & this helps be a better business person and a happier mom. You have a wonderful clinic & I recommend you to all my family. Great work!
... LW, Calgary, AB (2011)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


"I highly recommend these herbs"
I wish to recognize and acknowledge the benefits that I have received as a result of taking the Yin-Yang Balance herbs that you, Dr. Zhao, recommended for me. After being medically diagnosed with clinical depression. I was prescribed the traditional western medications for depression and found them difficult to manage with all the side effects. Who knows what they were doing to my body ?
Dr. Zhao, you suggested that I try your Yin-Yang Balance herbs and I have been very pleased with the positive results related to my condition. I feel much more emotionally balanced and don’t suffer from the crying spells that frequently occurred in the past. I am, also, nor am I as irritable or as emotional sensitive to everyday issues. In fact, I am almost over the ‘blues’ and as a result, my psychologist does not consider me to be clinically depressed any more. I attribute this totally to the advantages of the Yang/Yin herbs that you recommended for me.
On one occasion I neglected to count out the correct number of herbs for a trip that I took to see our daughter. As a consequence, I was short several days worth of the Yin-Yang Balance herbs and I and everyone else around me suffered for that – I was totally miserable and couldn’t control my crying bouts and I was very volatile.
It is profound to me, how stabilizing these herbs have on my emotional well-being and they don’t have any side-effects. Apparently, these herbs also help build our immune system so that we don’t catch the flu or other seasonal ‘bugs’. I have not been sick with the flu since being on these herbs and I am most thankful for this added benefit.
It is interesting, that my husband knows immediately, if I have forgotten to take my morning Yang herbs. He is very thankful that I have such a wonderful natural remedy for my mood swings. At this stage, they are an enormous benefit and I don’t see myself ever having the need to take anything else for my condition.
I highly recommend these herbs. They certainly work for me!!!
... Jean, Airdrie, AB (2011)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


"It is Amazing"
I have been a patient of Dr. William Zhao since October of 2002. He has been using acupuncture to help my feet and back and has been successful with this, but I am writing to tell you of the change he has made with my asthma and bronchitis.
I teach grade one and as a teacher I am subjected to every kind of flu and cold on almost a daily basis. As a result of this I usually get a cold and a cough that persists throughout the winter. It is annoying and hard on the body. I do not get flu shots because I don't truly trust vaccinations.
In November Dr. Zhao heard my cough and suggested on herbal preventative therapy called "Cough Free" so I began taking it and have not been sick at all this winter. It is amazing. Others at my work have commented on the fact that I haven't been coughing this winter. My husband has also commented on the fact that I don't cough every morning any more. I used to get up in the morning and there would be the usual hacking going on for a few minutes.( I am not nor have I ever been a smoker). Benefits of taking these herbs:
- no colds
- no morning coughing
- no missed days of work
- no visits to my general practitioner
- no outlay for antibiotics(which would cost me nothing through my medical plan but overuse of antibiotics is not good)
- general all around improved health I feel that preventative medicine should be addressed in a positive manner and that funding is needed in the area, which would save the government in the long run.
Yours truly
...Denise W., Airdrie, AB (2003)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


"I have spent well over $40,000 on these treatments with no success"
I experienced several physical and mental traumas over the last nine years. As a result of those traumas, specialists diagnosed me with having Chronic Pain Disorder, TMJ, Migraines, Major Depressive Disorder, Mild Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a host of other symptoms and injuries.
I sought out treatment from a variety of disciplines including Medical Specialists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, NUCCA Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Cranial Sacral Therapists, Acupuncturists, Dentists, Orthodontists, Occupational Therapy, Psychologists, Naturopaths, Holistic Practitioners, Nutritionists, Personal Rehabilitative Trainers, and Yoga Therapy. I have spent well over $40,000 on these treatments with no success. To say the least, I was extremely frustrated with my endeavor to find a treatment that would help, and I was frustrated with my inability to make progress with my health and injuries. I felt hopeless and I felt as if my body was literally dying.
Then one day, I came across Dr. William Zhao’s name on the Internet. I researched his practice further and my instincts told me to make an appointment with him, so I did. I began attending acupuncture 2-3 times per week and taking the Yin-Yang Balance pills. I am now attending one day per week and also taking the Yin-Yang pills. It has been 5 short months and my body and mind have undergone a significant transformation including the following:
• I have a significantly less number of migraines and TMJ issues.
• I sleep through the night, whereas before I would wake frequently.
• I have energy, whereas before receiving treatment from Dr. Zhao I could barely get out of bed and would sleep an average of 12-16 hours a day.
• My mood is stable, whereas before I was on a rollercoaster ride of emotions every day even though I was taking anti-depressants.
• My breasts and chest no longer hurt, whereas before my family doctor was unable to perform a breast exam due to the excruciating pain.
• My body temperature is regulated, whereas before I was always freezing cold.
• My sinuses issues and allergies are significantly reduced. Before receiving treatment from Dr. Zhao, I was always had plugged sinuses or the opposite including a runny nose, sneezing and nasal irritation. I was not able to pet my sister’s dog or be around her dog for more than a few minutes. Now I don’t sneeze or wheeze when I am around her dog and can hold him for long periods of time.
• My digestion is great, whereas before I had diarrhea and irritable bowel type symptoms. I have no issues now.
• Prior to receiving treatment from Dr. Zhao, I was sick with cold or flu symptoms every week. I have not been sick since I started receiving Dr. Zhao’s acupuncture or taking his Yin-Yang Balance pills.
• My skin is glowing and my hair is growing back. Before starting treatment with Dr. Zhao, my skin was pale and sickly looking and my hair was thin and falling out.
• I now crave natural whole foods, whereas before I craved junk food and sweets. Because of this significant change, I have lost weight and I feel lighter.
• I no longer have swelling of my hands, feet and stomach.
• My body felt very disconnected within itself and now I feel as if my body is functioning as a whole.
The next phase of treatment with Dr. Zhao will focus on my back, neck and shoulder pain. I am certain I will experience positive and lasting results.
Please note, I had received acupuncture before from other acupuncturists in the community and did not have a successful outcome. Dr. William Zhao’s acupuncture techniques and incredible knowledge are significantly different than other acupuncturists in that Dr. Zhao’s treatment works.
Dr. Zhao, thank you for your skills, wisdom, dedication to healing and your compassion.
Peter(office manager), thank you for your kindness, gentle demeanor and knowledge.
...Ann S., Calgary, AB (2010)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary


"No longer experience the excessive mood swings"
I started taking the Yin-Yang Balance formula (day and evening formula) approximately 3 months ago and what a difference it has made to my system. As I am in menopause, I have found I have more energy, fewer mood swings, less depression, fewer colds and flus as my immune system has definitely improved. I have tried several things for menopausal symptoms but nothing has been as effective as this formula. I even give it to my two daughters who are 20 and 23 years old and find they are better able to cope with their menstrual cycles and no longer experience the excessive mood swings. They also have more energy and just a better attitude towards life and easier to live with.
Thank you Dr. Zhao for this formula, as it has made a big difference in our lives.
... Serene P., Calgary, AB (2009)


Disclaimer Individual Results May Vary