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I.R.Reversed Tea

Zhao TCM I.R.Reversed Tea Formula

Dr. Zhao’s proprietary I.R.Reversed Tea herb formula contains all natural Medlar, Prunella, Ophiopogon.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these herbs are used to improve Pancreatic function which can lead to preventing and even reversing Insulin Resistance.

Acupuncture Therapy (1 to 2 times per week) should be combined with Chinese herbal medicine for maximum effectiveness and results. I.R.Reversed Tea herb powder or capsules are a proprietary herbal formula based on over 30 years of Dr. William Zhao’s academic study, clinical research and experience.
The Herbs used in The Zhao TCM I.R.Reversed Tea formula are extracted from 100% natural Chinese Medical Herbs in a patented process.
And, the Zhao TCM I.R.Reversed Tea Herbal Formula has absolutely no side effects!

I.R.Reversed Tea have proven to be an extremely useful compliment in managing and reversing Insulin resistance when diet, exercise and lifestyle changes are not sufficient.

PRICE: $50.00 per 120 g

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Product Information

Medicinal Ingredients

The powder contain 100% Pure Chinese medical Herbs and Extracts.


I.R.Reversed Tea powder is gluten free and has a shelf life of 3 years if properly stored in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.

Recommended Use or Purpose

Controlling High blood sugar
Insulin Resistance


High Blood Sugar

Restore Pancreas Founction

Recommended Dose

2 to 3 teaspoon mixed with hot water , 3 times daily.